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    Riberries are a sub-tropical rainforest tree from the east coast of NSW and southern Queensland, although plantations are found in Victoria and South Australia.

    • The fruit has a crisp, fresh tart and spicy flavour similar to cloves and cinnamon.
    • Leaves a refreshing, perfumed, cleansing sensation on the pallet
    • Rehydrate in water or juice, make lillipilli jam and fruit pastes for cheese platters, add to stewed fruits, or soak and add them to fruit salads, healthy desserts, berry pies and baking.


    Riberries contain anthocyanins, antioxidants which give the fruit its ruby pigment.
    Antioxidants are known to potentially prevent or delay common known diseases like Alzeihmer's, cardiovascular and autoimmune diseases, cancer and diabetes.
    Riberries are also a good source of calcium and contain high levels of folate.


    Organically grown freeze dried Riberry/Lillypillis