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    Quandongs (or wild peaches) are found in the semi arid zones of Southern Australia. They are a bright colourful red fruit with a large ornamental inner seed. The outside husks are eaten although the seed was also traditionally used for medicinal purposes by Indigenous people and the husks were eaten as a food source of protein when meat protein was scarce. They have an earthy dry lentil aroma, are nutritious and tasty with a tart finish.

    • Tart and tangy flavour
    • Dried Quandong halves can be rehydrated
    • Add to baking, healthy desserts, sweet or savoury dishes
    • Also known as Desert Peach, Native Peach and Wild Peach


    Quandongs contain zinc, folate, magnesium, calcium, iron and vitamin E.
    Quandongs are a rich source of phenolic-based antioxidants


    Freeze dried QUANDONG HALVES (husks) without the seed