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    Wrapped Soap
    Lip Balm Stick
    Body Rub 50g

    Interrentye lip balm and body products are hand made locally in Alice Springs with natural ingredients.
    The plants are harvested in the wild on Arrente country, taking care to protect the sustainability of the plant populations.
    Plants are prepared using the traditional grinding method.
    The natural products incorporate the knowledge passed down for generations.

    • Simply rub the products on your skin
    • For best results use body rub after a hot shower
    • Products are made with the highest quality natural ingredients to ensure you are receiving the best quality product for your skin.
    • No animal products are used to make this product.
    • Made in Alice Springs Australia


    The rubs contain olive and soya bean oils, vitamin E and beeswax.
    Body oils are made with macadamia, sunflower, soya bean oils and vitamin E.
    No palm oil is used in any of the products for ethical reasons.
    Lip balm will nurture and soothe lips.
    Only plant-based products are used.

    The three main products are used for:
    Arrethe - Often used as a chest rub for colds and flus.
    Utnerrenge - Used on the body to nurture dry and irritated skin
    Aherre-Intenhe - Often used to soothe joints and muscles.

    • By purchasing Interrentye products you are directly supporting jobs for Arrernte people and supporting their cultural practices and the passing on of important cultural knowledge about plants, healing and country to younger generations
    • Using these products provides work experience, job opportunities and pathways to employment for Arrernte people
    • Bringing families together and strengthening the community
    • Maintain Arrernte culture, language, law, song, story and dance.


    Wild harvested from the rocky hills and floodplain habitats around Alice Springs.
    Senior Arrernte women harvest the leaves and stems of three plants. The Eremophila (emu bush, red poverty bush and rock fushsia bush), shrubs and use traditional grinding methods to extract the oils from these plants. The River Red Gum oil is extracted and added into the hand made soaps.
    Younger Arrernte staff work out at the laboratory to mix these extracts with various plant oils and beeswax to make the bush rubs, body oils and soaps along with lip balms to make up their range of Interrentye body products.