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    Quandongs (or wild peaches) are found in the semi arid zones of Southern Australia. They are a bright colourful red fruit with a large ornamental inner seed. The outside husks are eaten although the seed was also traditionally used for medicinal purposes by Indigenous people and the husks were eaten as a food source of protein when meat protein was scarce. They have an earthy dry lentil aroma, are nutritious and tasty with a tart finish.

    • Tart and tangy flavour
    • Dried Quandong halves can be rehydrated
    • Add to baking, healthy desserts, sweet or savoury dishes
    • Also known as Desert Peach, Native Peach and Wild Peach


    Quandongs are a nutritious fruit.

    • Quandongs contain phenolic-based antioxidants with an outstanding anti-oxidant capacity, providing protection from free radical damage to cells. They contain high levels of protein, folate and vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, zinc and iron. All nutrients needed for good health.


    Freeze dried QUANDONG HALVES (husks) without the seed