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  • BUSH TOMATO (20g)


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    Bush Tomato (or Desert Raisin) are dried berries growing in the desert areas of the Northern Territory, Central and South Australia. The small desert plant fruits are mostly wild harvested with some plantations. (Only eat ripe red coloured fruit not green fruit!) An amazing savoury & sweet smoky, caramelised aroma, a tart taste which finishes with the sweetness of a currant.

    • Bush tomatoes are a nutritious addition to cooking.
    • Bush tomatoes amazing flavour – first sour then a sweet finish.
    • Are great married with fingerlimes to get a sweet and sour effect.
    • Sprinkle onto salads, onto game meat dishes, use in marinades, bacon and eggs – anything for a burst of wonderful intense flavour.
    • Tastes great with cheese or used in dukka.
    • Crumble by hand into food.


    Organically grown and wild harvested Bush Tomatoes