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    Muntries are very light in weight and contain 95% of the nutritional value and 100% of the products fibre without the moisture content. Feel free to rehydrate by adding back some water or they will absorb moisture if added to other wet ingredients.

    Muntries are native to southern parts of Australia.
    They were a major food source for Indigenous people in this area who ate them fresh and dried them for later use and traded them.
    Muntries can be eaten fresh and dried and added to desserts, salads and baking.

    • Muntries can be used as an alternative to sultanas
    • They have an incredible perfume similar to Juniper berries and spicy apples
    • A similar texture to apples or pears, not sour but mildly sweet.


    Muntries are a good source of vitamin C
    Muntries have a greater antioxidant capacity than bluberries


    Freeze-dried whole Muntries